Treway Shorthorn Beef

Our Shorthorn Beef cattle are all hombred and are allowed to grow slowly to full maturity eating only good Cornish grass here at Treway.


We are now taking orders for Nationwide Home Delivery Thursday 6th May and Farm Collection Friday 7th May.


If you require nationwide delivery then please add to your basket (top box in the beef list) and remember to leave us your phone number. We use DPD premium service and your order will arrive before 1pm on the delivery day.


We are now running a 'Pop Up Farm Shop' every Friday so if you have forgotten to order just drop into the shop and see what takes your fancy!!

Pop Up Farm Shop and Collection: Friday 7th May 10am - 6pm


Kate is also at the Truro Farmer's Market every Saturday and orders can be collected from there but please email us to let us know you are collecting from there.

Nationwide Delivery: Arrival Thursday 6th May - before 1pm service. When paying for your order please could you enter your phone number as this is required for delivery!
'Treway Superior Steak Box' - X2 T-Bone Steaks, X2 Ribeye Steaks, X2 Fillet Steaks, X2 Sirloin Steaks, X2 Rump Steaks SOLD OUT!!
'Treway Steak Sampler Box' - X2 Fillet Steaks, X2 Sirloin Steaks and X2 Rump Steaks
SOLD OUT!! **SPECIAL OFFER** 'Treway Family Favourites Box' - X3 Mince, X2 Burger Packs, X2 Meatball Packs, X2 Minute Steak Packs, X1 Roasting Joint and X2 Diced Beef SOLD OUT!!
Large Box (15Kg) - 2 x Topside, 1 x Brisket, 1 x Slow Roast, 4 x Mince, 4 x Sirloin Steaks, 4 x Rump Steaks, 3 x Chuck Steak, 2 x Frying Steak, 2 x Braising Steak, 2 x Skirt, 4 x Shin (contents may vary slightly but total weight will be no less than 15Kg) SOLD OUT!!
Medium Box (7.5Kg) - 1 x Topside, 1 x Slow Roasting Joint / Brisket, 2 x Mince, 2 x Rump Steaks, 2 x Sirloin Steaks, 2 x Chuck, 2 x Frying Steak / Braising Steak, 2 x Skirt/Shin. (Contents may vary slightly but the total weight will be no less than 7.5Kg) SOLD OUT!!
Small Box (3.5Kg) - 1 x Roasting Joint, 1 x Mince, 2 x Prime Steaks, 2 x Frying Steak / Braising Steak, 2 x Skirt/Shin/Chuck
'Treway BBQ Box' - x2 packs beef burgers, x2 packs grill sticks, x2 packs South African beef kebabs, x2 packs minute steaks SOLD OUT!!
Chuck Eye Chop (approx 1Kg) An on the bone delicious sharing steak with fantastic fat marbling
South African Beef Kebabs x4 per pack SOLD OUT!!
Pirri Pirri Beef Kebabs x4 per pack SOLD OUT!!
Honey and Mustard Turkey Kebabs
Pirri Pirri Turkey Kebabs x4 per pack
Treway Beef Grillsticks x6 per pack SOLD OUT!!
Treway Pirri Pirri Beef Grillsticks SOLD OUT!!
x2 Packs of Treway Grill Sticks SOLD OUT!!
Treway Beef Burgers - x4 Burgers per pack SOLD OUT!!
X2 Packs of Treway Beef Burgers SOLD OUT!!
Treway Diced Beef 500g SOLD OUT!!
Treway Beef Meatballs (12 in a pack)
X2 Packs Treway Beef Meatballs
Topside 1.4 Kg (approx) SOLD OUT!!
Minute Steaks (x3 in a pack) approx 400g total weight SOLD OUT!!
Ribeye Steak (approx 300g)
Bavette Steak (approx 500g)
Tomahawk Steak - 1Kg each (ribeye steak on the bone - ideal for 2 people to share!) SOLD OUT!!
T - Bone Steak (approx 500g)
Fillet Steak 200g (approx)
Rump Steak 250g (approx)
Sirloin Steak 250g (approx)
Short Rib approx 600g each
Frying Steak 500g (approx) SOLD OUT!!
Braising Steak 500g (approx) SOLD OUT!!
Brisket 1.3 kg (approx)
Slow Roasting Joint 1.3Kg (approx) SOLD OUT!!
Skirt 500g (approx) SOLD OUT!!
Shin 500g (approx)
Chuck Steak 500g (approx)
Mince 500g (approx)
x3 500g (approx) Mince Packs SOLD OUT!!
Beef Bones (1Kg) - Perfect for making stock or spoiling your dogs!! SOLD OUT!!

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